Accelerated Multi-Engine Commercial Course (3 day)

Our Accelerated Multi-Engine Commercial course is a top-notch program strategically outlined to guarantee Multi-Engine knowledge and certificate in 3 days’ time. Taught by experienced expert instructors.

Come fly with us

The 3 day course comes with FAA Practical Multi-Engine Check Ride Sign off

Course Includes:

• Flight Instructor Exclusively Assigned and available to You

• Unlimited Instruction

• Training Materials

• FAA Practical Check Ride Sign off

• Note: Hotel & housing available for extra cost

• Note: Courtesy Car Available

Required Prerequisites:

Student must pass and possess PPL, Instrument, and Commercial certifications


The Multi-Engine Commercial Course does not include FAA Designated Pilot Examiner nor the coverage of the Check Ride


FastTrack Aviation guarantees, after this course you will be Prepared for the Commercial Multi-Engine Check Ride.